to know even one
life has breathed easier
because you have lived.

This is to have


being human isn’t easy.

but we are all in this together. I believe we have a responsibility to look outside ourselves and ask how we can give more than we receive.

Financial contributions aren’t the only way. Your time and your talent are valuable commodities. I want to use mine to serve organizations that are serving communities, and I hope to influence you to do the same – locally and internationally.

Let’s do this together. Do you need help finding a community to support?

cura brazil
is a cause close to my heart.

Cura Brazil


logo design
brand identity
print design
apparel design
new website under way!

A non-profit organization that provides free medical care to communities in Brazil that have little or no access to medical care of any kind. CURA provides everything from cardiology and gynecology to pediatrics and dentistry. Doctors, medical students, and non-medical volunteers from all over the US and Brazil join forces to donate their time, expertise, and compassion.

want to learn more about cura?

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