aline collective
(pronounced: align)

is not run by robots

Hello! I’m Taylor Dunham,
and I am a real, live human.

I’m the founder, designer, the voice on the other end of the phone, and the one answering your emails. I also have an amazing shortlist of specialized super-heroes* that I hire on occasion. So, if needed, instead of just one human, you get a TEAM of great humans to make your project incredible.

Are you a super-hero that should be on my shortlist?

a brief timeline…

(let’s fast forward through conception
and awkward teen years, shall we?)

grew up in texas
Complete with horses, chickens, and home grown vegetables. (we even had indoor plumbing!)

went to school in ohio
I have a BFA in Photography & Graphic Design and an almost-minor in Spanish.

moved to nyc for corporate design
After interning with Good Housekeeping Magazine, I worked as a designer for Family Circle Magazine (Meredith Corporation) and then as an Interactive Designer for Meredith Integrated Marketing, where Kraft Foods was my client.

left corporate design
I’m still friends with my ex-coworkers. This was my next exciting move, but it was not a burned bridge. I had been freelancing on the side for 8 years, and i wanted to do so full-time. I operated as a sole proprietor for many years. finally in 2014, I incorporated as Aline Collective, LLC, and began hiring contractors, advisors, etc.

incubated & curated
I networked like crazy, made lots of mistakes, had some wins and some losses, but knew I’d discovered ‘it’. ‘It’ was my desire to connect with people. Fueled by creative challenges, I sought connections that would cultivate a final creation so much more than either of us had visualized prior to our collaboration.

I also believe in using ‘it’ to do more than pay rent.

we are here
I love what i do. I still have days when I’d like to stay in bed, but I’m happy to report they are the exception, not the rule, which I think is absolutely worth celebrating. don’t you?!

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